GREATLINES is the culmination of a century of olive growing and invaluable Know-how mastered in a dedicated family-run business in North Africa.
Our young and dynamic company is dedicated to supplying the purest and finest Extra Virgin Olive Oil, grown in small-scale estates.
We know that only with hard work and commitment we can produce the best Olive Oil.

Our values

Quality: We go all out to provide the highest quality in our products and in our relationships.
Consistency: We are strict with our standards and we strive to make every bottle worth the experience.
Sustainability: We do our best to make every interaction with our environment responsible by using sustainable production methods.
Inspiration: We succeeded in build an inspiring workplace for our employees and we strive to carry that inspiration to our partners.

Our mission

We combine a century of expert knowledge and sustainable farming methods to provide olive oil that will entertain both chefs and foodies while standing the test of quality.

Our roots

Our company is based in Tunisia: a small yet interesting country that has been contributing significantly to the Mediterranean culture.

In addition to being the home to the Carthaginian empire, Tunisia was part of most of the Mediterranean civilizations such as Romans, Greeks, and Ottomans. As a result, Tunisia was a rich melting pot in the area and has benefited from the specificities of each culture.

In recent history, Tunisia has been a leader in the Arab world with multiple progressive initiatives. For instance, Tunisia was the first Arab country to abolish slavery.

Most notably, Freedom House ranked Tunisia first in the major categories that concern women’s rights in 2009.